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Are Your Children Being Unnecessarily Medicated?

Dr. James Bogash

These days, it seems many medical doctors' first course of action is to recommend or prescribe drugs for any patient complaint; disturbingly, this trend seems to hold true whether the patient is an adult or a child. An eye-opening study published in... [ read more ]


Fever is a good thing

Daniel W Basista DC

I recently saw an ad for a drug that was being tauted as "the fever medication," as if fever is a bad thing. That got me thinking, this is the public's perception, isn't it?! Well, it is a mispercep! tion. Fever is not caused by disease. Rather, it is... [ read more ]


Functional Endocrinology or How Your Body's Processes Relate

Dr. Becky L. Laird

In order to define Functional Endocrinology first it is important to define endocrinology. Endocrinology includes the specialty branch of medicine that involves the glandular systems and their related hormones. Hormones are much more diverse than... [ read more ]


Do You Have Subluxations?

Dr. Becky L. Laird, D.C.

What we treat at this office are called subluxations. Subluxation means : less than, a dislocation. Subluxations are caused by a misalignment of one or more vertebrae that puts pressure on a nerve which disrupts or... [ read more ]





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Life Source Healing Center is a holistic practice for all ages where we offer care for all levels of dysfunction. Whether structural, nutritional or physiological, we support wellness.



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