Dr. Becky Laird, D.C.

Life Source Healing Center
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First Chiropractic Visit

Forms to Bring

In preparation for your first chiropractic appointment with Dr. Laird, we recommend you download these forms to your computer, print them, fill them out, and bring with you to your appointment:


We will listen and discuss with you your health history, issues, and concerns.  We offer approaches and options to best suit your needs. On your first visit, we will perform:

  • A postural exam from foot to head, to evaluate your biomechanics
  • Orthopedic tests to discover the “why” and the “where” of your specific problems
  • Neurological tests to locate any deficiency in the nerve system
  • Muscle tests to evaluate joint health and function

After a thorough evaluation we will then explain our findings and offer options and approaches. We will discuss nutritional dysfunctions affecting your life. We will order x-rays or other diagnostic testing only when needed. Patient is under no obligation, after the consultation and exam, to receive an adjustment. We provide treatment only when agreed to by both you and Dr. Laird.

Furthermore, we offer a wide range of adjustment options to assure your comfort during the adjustment procedure. The whole process usually requires about one hour. For nutritional clients, we will evaluate which lab tests would best evaluate your issues. Other medical tests and referrals can also be ordered and made through our network of highly qualified physicians.

Follow Up

After your adjustment, we routinely schedule your return visit within 3 to 4 days so that we may evaluate your response to the adjustment. It is then that we can better tailor a treatment plan and offer a prognosis to determine how long it will take to correct your problem. This is to ensure that we account for your specific rate of healing and your specific lifestyle challenges. Often at the beginning of treatment, the body needs to be adjusted at a higher frequency, approximately 1-3 times weekly, for a few weeks, then we will decrease the frequency when your body continues to improve with fewer adjustments. It is very much like training a pet; we are retraining your body to accept the corrections as a positive change.

We work on the cause of your problems... rather than covering the symptoms.