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Chiropractic and Fibromyalgia

A study on the effects of chiropractic treatment on patients with fibromyalgia was performed in Egypt.  All participants of the study received education, participated in discussions, and an exercise program.  Two groups  were formed where one group received spinal manipulation and the other group did not. The chiropractic adjustments were made 3 times per week … Read More

Fraudulent Supplements

News: This is why you should buy your supplements, herbs and vitamins ( nutraceuticals ) from a trained healthcare professional. We have years of clinical experience finding the best available sources.   Copyright © 2015 Natural Medicines (www.naturalmedicines.com) February 2015 New York Attorney General Accuses Major Retailers of Selling Fraudulent Supplements The New York State … Read More

WE are Now offering Avant low level cold laser therapy. Read to see how it can help you!!!

Cold laser therapy is a relatively new technology (about 30 years old) when compared to many alternative therapies like acupuncture (which has been used since 8000-3500 B.C.), chiropractic (since 1895), and physical therapy. Just like the abacus evolved into the computer, many alternative medicine practices are evolving to include laser therapy. Recent innovations in low-level … Read More

Fear of Chiropractic & That Cracking Sound

Hi there, Today I want to address some of the issues of why many people don’t try chiropractic therapy or continue chiropractic treatment when they need it. Naturally, most people do have a healthy aversion to someone else putting their hands around their neck. It requires a lot of trust. It doesn’t help either when … Read More

How do I know if Chiropractic can help me?

Your nervous system controls and regulates every cell of your body. It maintains and monitors all processes and actions of every system in your body. When your nervous system doesn’t work right, you don’t work right. And when you don’t work right, you can more easily get sick or injured. It is as simple as … Read More