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Holistic approach to health care, not just disease care and symptom reduction

Hi folks, Health is a subject no one is much interested in unless you lose it or are afraid of losing it. Often once it is lost it is hard to find it again because there are so many conflicting ideas about health and healthcare. As an Athens, Georgia Chiropractor I have studied many years to find the most updated information on causes of many chronic illnesses. We use some of the best diagnostic testing available to discover these underlying causes of issues like, chronic pain and fatigue, digestive disorders, hormone imbalances, thyroid disease, allergies, obesity, blood sugar imbalances, immune system dis-regulation, heavy metal toxicity and many more.

We also of course align the spine so that it and the nerves function optimality to restore function and enhance health and performance. Without the brain in good communication with all parts of the body through the nerves, many therapies would have limited affect.

Once the underlying cause of your dis-ease or disease is discovered regaining the health often is a matter of what we call the 3 R approach, Remove the irritant, be it food allergy, heavy metal, improved diet or other. Repair the damage through the use of specially formulated nutritional formulation or vitamin, supplement protocols. And finally Restore, often this is done with repair but depending on the issue may extend longer than the repair stage. Restoration of health and balance.

Through years of postgraduate training and clinical experience I feel we truly have a Holistic approach to health care not just disease care and symptom reduction.

wishing you a great day!! Dr. B.