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I have always been an exerciser and active person. About 10 years ago, my yoga teacher remarked that my body was uneven; my left shoulder was significantly higher than my right. Around that same time, I began having extreme pain and stiffness in my left shoulder and neck. I thought maybe it was just tension but soon the pain became so unbearable that I knew it was more than that and that I had to find a solution. I am 51 years old now and felt like I was not willing to live the rest of my life with this. So over the years, I have tried many things. Some things gave me some temporary relief and some none at all. I have changed my pillows, stopped chewing gum, changed to a ball chair at work, lowered my desk, raised my desk, tried sleeping on my back. None of this solved my problems.

I began personal training about 5 years ago and we have been focusing on strengthening my weak muscle groups. I have gone for regular massages, then went on to sports specific massages with a focus on my neck and shoulder. I have tried pilates, yoga, and stretching classes. I have a plethora of equipment at home: a foam roller, a thera-cane, bolsters, balls, heat pads, ice packs, a massage chair, emu oil, noni lotion and capsaicin crème.

By October of 2010, the pain was so bad, that I had trouble turning my head while driving. The pain had also begun to move into my forearm, elbow and hips/hamstrings.

My trainer told me that he could not work with me any longer because he was afraid that I would really injure myself. He suggested that I go to a chiropractor.

When I went to Dr. Laird’s website, I knew that I had found the right doctor. Her holistic and natural approach to health immediately appealed to me. I had never been to a chiropractor and honestly, had only heard horror stories but after my first visit, I was sold! The pain in my hips and legs was gone after the first adjustment. For the first time in 10 years, I found pain relief for my shoulder and neck. After 3 months of weekly adjustments, my body has totally been transformed. My shoulders are almost even and the pain in my shoulder is almost completely gone.

One of the many things that continue to impress me about Dr. Laird is that she truly wants me to be healthy and keep my active lifestyle. I was concerned that she would tell me to stop my exercise program but she actually did just the opposite. I also have a strong sense that she truly cares about me and my well being and not just my pocketbook. I am now an avid advocate for Dr. Laird and strongly recommend her to all of my friends!!!

Debra Atwood


I suffered from Hormonal Imbalance issues for almost 2 years. I went to 4 different doctors hoping someone would be able to help. Their answers were medicines that masked symptoms and caused more problems. When I found Dr. Becky, I was very excited (and skeptical and desperate) about trying natural alternatives. At our first appointment, she actually sat down and had a real conversation with me, asking questions and gathering information. Within weeks of trying the supplements she recommended, most of my symptoms were gone. It’s been over 2 1/2 years and I’m still maintaining balance!!!

Sheri C.


I was involved in a car collision in January 2004, which resulted in several minor injuries, including slamming my shoulder against the door of my car. A physical exam and x-rays performed at the emergency room revealed multiple contusions and a concussion, but no broken or dislocated bones. As time passed my shoulder became more painful, even as the other injuries healed. After four months the shoulder pain had spread to my chest wall and the entire arm, which I could no longer fully raise or rotate; all this despite daily icing and heat, pain medications and physical therapy.

In April I used the opportunity of a business meeting with Dr. Becky Laird to tell her about my shoulder. At my appointment she took a complete history and exam and found my left clavicle, as well as my left elbow, sacrum and ankles to be out of alignment. I felt some immediate relief after her adjustments.

Two days later I was not only pain-free but also shaved ten minutes off my usual power walk.

Thank you Dr. Becky!

Dr. Daphne Blackburn, M.D.



I came to Dr. Becky after spending about a year and a half with another chiropractor — a sort of assembly-line kind of guy who spent about a total of five minutes with each of his patients and performed the same adjustments on me with each visit. Because I hadn’t seen much progress, I’d kind of given up on chiropractic — it wasn’t that I didn’t believe it could work, but I figured all chiropractors practiced the same methods, and I wasn’t particularly impressed. Dr. Becky was recommended to me by several people who were emphatic about her care, so I decided to make an appointment.

I was having trouble in my hip and shoulder — and though I’d brought up these issues with my former chiropractor, he’d simply looked at my x-rays and said he didn’t see any problems. Thankfully Dr. Becky didn’t just rely on x-rays and has been addressing all of my physical issues head-on. She spends at least 20-30 minutes a session working on whatever seems to be pressing. I won’t say I’ve been healed of all my physical maladies, but I’ve seen definite progress. And after spending a year with her, my lower back pain has virtually disappeared.

I’ve never left a session not feeling pretty much just incredible — she’s the kind of practitioner who’s a true artist in what she does and her attention and care is something I feel really blessed to have found.

Julie Phillips
Aerial Dancer and Teacher, Canopy Studio
Arts & Entertainment Editor, Athens Banner-Herald



I began seeing Dr. Laird for treatment stemming from a lower back injury that occurred nearly 9 months earlier because I had hoped that time would make things “right” for me as had happened before with back episodes. However, this episode was different because not only my back, but also my strength in my left leg, were compromised. Her treatment allowed some immediate improvement, making a trip abroad much more enjoyable. Continued treatment of nearly a 3-year time span from the date of injury has returned me to near normalcy. Neither of us expected such a long-term focus to address these specific needs, but the persistence and continuity from both of us have paid off, and I feel like I have movement and activity on my own terms again.

Dr. Nancy Hart


In August of 2003 my low back was injured in a car accident. My pain started within a few of hours of the accident. As an RN I went the conventional route, ER, neurosurgeon, medication, PT and time. Some helped for a short time but soon the pain became so severe I was unable to live my life as it was; I couldn’t work, couldn’t sleep in my bed and was crawling on the floor to get around.

An MRI showed serious problems, several herniated discs with a spondylolisthesis. My neurosurgeon said surgery was inevitable to get me out of pain, but we could wait if I wanted.

Out of depression and desperation I took the recommendation of a friend and massage therapist to try seeing Dr. Laird. I was unsure of this because I knew my condition was delicate and serious. Dr. Laird thought she might be able to help so she started with very gentle adjustments. I stepped out in faith. After only the 2nd adjustment I could actually feel a difference with each adjustment bringing less and less pain, my old self resurfacing. What a miracle!

Yes, some day I may need the surgery, but not today and maybe never. I am better and I thank God for finding Dr. Laird. I am thankful for each step of my day.

Janice Marlin, RN


After years and years of seeking help from a variety of health care professionals including MD’s and naturopaths, Becky Laird was finally able to help me with fatigue and low blood sugar issues. I spent years of simply being fatigued and then my immune system started to show major signs of being severely compromised as I became more and more susceptible to viral infections. Cold weather or unusual stress would put me in bed for days or even weeks. And this went on for well over a year.

When I met with Dr. Becky she started by doing a hair analysis which revealed severely exhausted adrenals. After 3 months of being on a nutrition program I was not longer getting sick. I was able to start functioning as a human again. I am still on that road to health as my adrenals continue to improve as does my energy. The blood sugar is no longer the major issue it was and continues to improve as well.

I have a new sense of what it means to respect my body and take care of it After years of using my body up, I now tend to it carefully. Thank you Dr. Becky for your knowledge and education.

Maryann Pfeil


I first went to see Dr. Becky Laird after having strained my back severely enough to miss several weeks of work. I had already tried, unsuccessfully: traditional medicine, physical therapy, acupuncture, and chiropractic from another local doctor on and off for several months without any significant pain relief or results. Several acquaintances recommended Dr. Becky when they heard of my ordeal with constant middle and low back pain. Dr. Becky did a complete workup and exam on my first visit and determined on examination that most of my body from my neck to my feet was out of alignment. She was able to trace that current back pain all the way back to two accidental falls I had experienced as a younger person.After my first adjustment, I felt significantly better. However, because my case was so extreme, I continued to go to regular weekly sessions while Dr. Becky carefully (and painlessly) realigned my spine, neck, knees, ankles and feet, so that my new alignment would have the chance to “stick.” It was also very important for me to have custom supports for my shoes made by Dr. Becky and to wear them throughout that first year to keep the alignment steady from my arches on up. Within a month, the sharp shooting pain in my back had disappeared (unless I really overdid it dancing or exercising which I hadn’t been able to do for months before I saw Dr. Becky), and within several months, the pain was entirely gone. I continued to see Dr. Becky regularly in order to maintain my newfound precious alignment. Her holistic approach, including herbal remedies, is also very valuable, and has helped me through several cold-flu seasons. I am now expecting my first child, and Dr. Becky has been adjusting me in an entirely new way.

I can’t recommend her enough!

Elizabeth T.


I came to see Dr. Laird with migraines and nausea in Dec. 2000. I had heard for quite some time through a dear friend that she thought I should see Dr Laird or at least have her look at me. I kept putting it off and am very sorry that I didn’t listen sooner.

I had been in a car accident in 1984 and had seen many different chiropractors in the last 16 years as the migraines became worse. Through the years I have found many different beliefs in chiropractic care. I have found Dr. Laird not only to be the BEST, but she is also very thorough in her examining as well as explaining her findings. She unlike so many others out there, is very gentle and works with the body rather than forceful adjustments that my body obviously rejected for many years.

I worked for a chiropractor for over a year and was adjusted twice a week for the entire time I worked for him. This particular chiropractor practiced as traditional wellness office. When he would adjust my neck he would try to force the curve back into my neck from the straightening that had occurred from the accident. This caused a lot of soreness and was a painful experience because of the method in which he used to adjust by. During this time the migraines were about once a week, sometimes once every two weeks. They had become so severe in fact that I was not able to work on the days which I had them. I had also started to see a message therapist and a neurologist in hope to one day be rid of the migraines.

With the information I had learned over the years about my own situation and training seminars while I was working for the Dr. I felt that I had a pretty good understanding of how our spines operate and the necessity to have it in proper alignment to have the body function as it should.

For so many years I had not been able to look up, that I had actually forgotten that I was not able to do this as it just became natural. After the second adjustment for Dr. Laird I was actually able to move my head like normal again, I could look up. I had been so long since I had been able to do this simple movement I was absolutely thrilled. I couldn’t believe the difference that she has made for me, I haven’t had a migraine or nausea since the second adjustment. You can’t imagine how it feels to have migraines for 16 years and finally have more than just a few days in between them.

After years and years of chiropractic care I would have never thought it possible to be healed so quickly by another chiropractor. I will continue to see Dr Laird for wellness. I hope many others are as lucky as I am to have found her. Relax and trust what she says, you are in the hands of the best there is. Trust me, I tried the others. Dr. Laird has restored my life and I am forever grateful.

Sharon K.



I had been feeling very tired all the time, and I was getting colds often, so I knew that my immune system was low. I began having problems sleeping, lots of insomnia and sleeping late in the day. All of these symptoms crept up on me slowly over a year or two until finally, I was not functioning well at all. I had been skipping breakfast for most of my life, and I was prone to eat carbohydrates and desserts late at night.

I tried herbs to boost my immune system and vitamins to give me energy. But I was still so tired, and my joints started aching. When I came up with the thought that perhaps I had some sort of hormone imbalance, my herbal pharmacologist told me about Dr. Becky Laird: “You don’t want to guess about hormones. Dr. Laird has special tests that she can give you to be sure of your hormonal levels.” So I made an appointment to see Dr. Laird about hormones and nutrition.

Ten months later, I am feeling like myself again. You might think that ten months is a very long time, but it took me a long time to mess up my cortisol levels by skipping meals and eating too little protein. It took meyears, in fact, to get to the point of feeling so bad, and to be able to see such a difference in only ten months is a great blessing. The keys for me were taking charge of my own health and disciplining myself to eat the foods and take the supplements that Dr. Laird prescribed. By eating the way Dr. Laird has taught me, I have changed my entire lifestyle in my forties—an amazing feat, I believe. I could never have learned about nutrition and hormonal balance under the care of medical doctors, who seem to prescribe anti-depressants which can do more harm than good.

Grace Davis
Athens, Georgia



Before beginning treatment with Dr. Laird, I had been suffering from heartburn for several years, with the intensity of the heartburn increasing over the years and medication’s ability to cease my heartburn slowing waning. I had also seen two different Gastroenterologists, experienced an Endoscope, had an Ultrasound of my gallbladder and used several different PPI medications all with the hope of taming my heartburn as well as finding out the cause of my heartburn. My endoscope showed I had a hiatal hernia and I was told that it would be difficult to completely rid myself of the heartburn as a result. At this point I was taking a double dosage of a PPI medication daily and at times my heartburn would even break through this dosage of medication. The last Gastroenterologist I saw diagnosed me with classic heartburn, a typical symptom of GERD, and was unable to offer me any help or suggestions other than to continue to take my medication and shed some extra pounds. I imagined that I would forever suffer the symptoms of heartburn, though medication would sometimes help.

The heartburn was so severe that I feared mealtimes. I was unable to connect specific food choices to my heartburn, since no food always caused me heartburn and no food was always safe. I was extremely frustrated, as were my friends and family. I went to see Dr. Laird feeling very discouraged with my situation and the treatment I had received up to that point. I worked with Dr. Laird for several months, participating in several tests and following special diets. Finally the root of my heartburn was discovered. I had a bacterial infection that was causing my heartburn and I also had food allergies that were aggravating my entire digestive system. I learned that I had a soy and egg allergy and was also sensitive to wheat/gluten and dairy. After ridding my system of the bacterial infection, and sticking to a strict eating plan, I am happy to say I am heartburn free! By sticking to a specific eating plan, I am not only living heartburn free, but I was also able to shed some extra pounds.

Dr. Laird’s services were able to help me understand more about my body and alleviate the stress connected to the persistent heartburn I had been experiencing for years. I am extremely thankful and grateful for her and the exceptional care she provides.

Leslie Schwartz
Athens, GA



Many patients not only feel pain relief but often a reduction in tension and an enhanced sense of well-being.